Sophie’s Downtown Wooster and OARDC

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Fall, it is my most popular and sought after season, I mean what’s not to love about fall? Also, lately, I have also had lots of requests for Main Street Downtown Wooster and OARDC. But, hey what’s not to love about those two places! In my little county, I am blessed to have these two beautiful places to take photos.

Sophie had a beautiful day for her session! She might have got thrown a quick wrench tho! I had a cancellation on a Sunday and to those of you, that know I only work Sundays in October. When I get a cancellation, it makes me sad especially when this crazy OHIO weather is co-operating! Lucky enough I was able to get Sophie on board and we got her photos done!

Finally, I am so thankful she could make the day work and I was able to fill the spot so quickly. We had the BEST weather too!

All about Sophie

The youngest of three, the only girl! She has two older brothers.

She has played soccer for the past 5 years since she was in the 8th grade. Her position in soccer is a midfielder.

Sophie has been a member of Student Council since her freshman year and also has been the class secretary that whole time.

For the past two years, she has been a member of the National Honor Society and FCCLA also.

The favorite things to do with the family include, swimming in their pool, walking their dog Luna and eating dinner together at their table.

Favorite season is FALL!

Colors are pink or yellow!

Favorite ways to relax for Sophie is listening to music and laying down.

Her hobby is reading! (I LOVE THIS)

Sophie’s favorite things in life include, hanging out with friends. Going to get coffee and driving around or just hanging out at one of our houses. Her favorite place in New York. She’s been there twice and loves the city so much. Her favorite holiday is Halloween and she loves everything related to it. Movies, decorating, pumpkin-flavored things, candy corn, everything!!!

Thrifting and Aerie are her places to shop.

Restaurants are El Camps and Panera.

T.V. Show: New Girl

Movie: One Direction: This Is Us

Mashed potatoes, sushi, watermelon are her favorite foods.

After high school, she is planning to go to college. She’s not sure where or what major yet but so far they have looked at Cleveland State, Dayton, and Penn State.

This girl works two jobs to! Plus plays soccer! What a driven young lady!

Downtown Wooster and OARDC photos.

Sophie, I loved meeting up with you and your Mom! I can’t wait to show you all your gorgeous photos, but for now, here are some of your Downtown Wooster and OARDC, photos.

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