Jacob-Wooster High School Senior

black and white photo of high school senior guy standing outside of a record store

Jacob is a Wooster High School senior, Class of 2021. He chose to have his senior session downtown, Wooster. We included his favorite record store since he loves playing records. We wish they had not been closed so we could have gone inside! But I think we got some good shots anyway and enjoyed walking around downtown Wooster.

A little backstory, I met Jacob’s family through the Wooster Church of the Nazarene. So I have also watched this guy grow up over the last 12 years! Man, time flies! It was my absolute pleasure to spend some time with this guy!

All about Jacob

He is the oldest of two.

Jacob is in the band and plays the trumpet, which he has been playing since he was in the 5th grade.

Also, Jacob is in the concert band at school.

He is also very involved in his youth group and tries to stay as connected to people in the youth group as he can.

Camping and bonfires are among Jacob’s favorites.

His favorite season is Winter (when it snows).

Blue is his favorite color.

When asked about his favorite way to relax he says “My favorite way to relax is play video games with my friends, or just hang out with my friends.”

Jacobs volunteers at church, by helping with technical stuff around the church. He has been volunteering for about 6 years. Jacob finds it fun and a good learning experience, since he plans to use similar tech in the future.

Favorite hobby is playing video games with friends online, which he says he spends a lot of time doing.

When asked about his favorite things in life, he says “Some of my favorite things in life are hanging out with friends, and playing video games, I like going camping with my family, I also enjoying watching movies, I also enjoy going and doing stuff with my youth group.”

Shopping for Jacob would be going to Best Buy!

Favorite places to eat would be any hibachi restaurant or Chinese restaurant.

T.V. Show is Doctor Who.

Movie: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.

Favorite foods are, baked potatoes, steak, corn casserole, and cheeseburgers.

After high school plans are to attend college, the colleges he’s looking at are Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Akron College, for either computer science or TV production.

He works at Acres of Fun, and has been working there for a little more than a year.

One question I ask on my blog is if there is anything that I did not ask about, that they would like shared. I love what Jacob said! He says “I like humor a lot, and feel it isn’t used enough, so I try to find humor in any situation I can.”

Enjoy Jacob’s Downtown Wooster Senior Photos!

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