The planning and the excitement is swirling around in your head! 

You want to remember and capture this moment in time, freeze it per say, just to savor it and celebrate it as long as you can! And you need all the photographs to capture this special time!

You want to announce to the world how excited you are!  You need photos to hold close to your heart! To continue sharing and memorializing these memories!

Your're in the right place! I got you!

I am here to help plan, serve and celebrate this time with you! I want to make you walk away confident!

Hi, I'm Jamie, and I specialize in Wedding and Senior portrait photography.  I have years of experience and I am here ready to help you to remember this moment. Memories should be captured and I want to serve you!

You're Planning
Something Special

and you are so excited!

Guess what? I'm so excited for
you, too!

Northeast Ohio Wedding and Senior Portrait Photographer! 

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Get to know me!

Most days you can find me doing way too many things at once! Wearing all the hats as a mom, business owner and educational aide!

I am A Lover of life! 

A four time cancer survivor who believes in capturing the here and now!

Wife and Mom to three amazing kiddos! Glamma to Jayla Mae! 

I enjoy Nights that consist of heading to watch my local school sports teams play,

binge-watching Netflix & Hulu next to my hubby on the couch, and eating pizza from all the places makes my heart happy!

Summer nights around a campfire, hanging out with my people. 

I love belting out some crazy song that reminds me of the moment I'm in to make my kids laugh or roll their eyes!

WE love camping and checking out all the state parks.