Senior Photos in Wooster with Ava

High School Senior girl in the city getting her photos done.

The day I met up with Ava for her senior photos, the beautiful sunny weather mirrored her vibrant personality. It was so much fun, and she’s such a natural, that the time just flew by! I’m proud to share these stunning images taken in downtown Wooster. The urban setting for her senior photos was just what she was looking for, and her excitement for the day was infectious. Let’s all give a cheer to Ava as she pursues her dreams!

I enjoy learning about the seniors I photograph, so I give them a questionnaire to help me figure out what makes each person unique. Here are the deets on this energetic gal!

All About Ava

  • She’s the second oldest of four kids. Big family!
  • Cheerleading for football & basketball for 4+ years, both JV and Varsity level. It’s her main passion!
  • Also enjoys competitive cheer (D5 game day state champions)
  • As you can imagine, she loves watching football & basketball games, especially with family
  • Her favorite season is fall (mine, too!)
  • Fave colors= are earthy tones, such as orange
  • In her free time, Ava loves shopping and watching tik toks. Her preferred stores are PacSun, Hollister, Arie, and American Eagle
  • Clothing style: trendy
  • Main choice for TV watching: Grey’s Anatomy. (A binge-worthy show, I agree!)
  • However, if she was to choose a favorite animated film, it would be Tangled
  • She is probably playing in her earbuds right now: anything Country
  • You might find Ava eating a steak at Texas Roadhouse on occasion, or perhaps spot her in an Olive Garden!
  • Quick snack choice: Reese’s and Twix. Yum!
  • Cafe order: Iced coffee
  • Although she enjoys traveling to warm places, one day her goal is to visit Alaska
  • Currently, she’s working at Dravenstott’s as a waitress, but will be going to Ohio University in Athens
  • Her major will be human biology with a minor in Spanish. She’s going to follow the pre-med track to be a pediatric surgeon. Wow!

As always, scroll to the end for a sweet little Ava pic when she was little!

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