Senior Photos of Sam in Wayne County, Ohio

I remember this day so well; it was a mini adventure for us! In preparing for her senior photos, Sam was thinking about where to do the shoot.

Of course, she wanted to be on the softball field for some of it–her home away from home. But one day, on the way to her softball practice, she passed a spot along the road that caught her eye. It would be great for a secondary location, she thought! So, when it came time for the senior photo shoot, Sam was excited to show me! Well, that’s when the adventure began! It was difficult to find, and had changed!

Luckily, I knew what Sam sought, and she trusted me. So I guided her and we stopped at a pull-off by the side of the road. We could see tall grass, with little yellow flowers, and the sun peeking through the trees with that golden light! That was the spot! Within 5 minutes we got the perfect shots and then headed to the softball field in Shreve for more senior photos. We made perfect time, and got all the things Sam wanted!

It was such a gorgeous day and chatting with this bubbly, happy graduate.

As always, I the seniors I work with fill out a questionnaire so I can get to know them better, plus it helps us plan the perfect session. Keep reading to learn more about Sam!

All About Sam

  • She’s the oldest of three kiddos in the family
  • Sam’s very diverse with her hobbies…she likes drawing & writing, plus she’s sporty too!
  • Played softball, outfield, for 13 years (was Varsity, too!)
  • Played volleyball, back row, for 5 years
  • She’s very involved in school… Sam was president of the Spanish club, a member of SODA (Students Opposed to Drugs and Alcohol), and an FCCLA member
  • Her favorite color is green
  • If she’s grabbing a soda, her first choice is Dr. Pepper
  • I can’t blame her for liking these candies (they’re great!): Reese’s, Hershey’s Kisses, & Nerd Clusters
  • With her family, she likes to go out to eat and go hiking. She also loves ‘family Sunday fun days’ at her cousin’s house
  • Season that suits her best: Summer
  • When she’s trying to relax, Sam likes to go to the beach to read
  • Restaurants she loves: PF Changs and anything that’s authentic Italian
  • Specific food favorites: Chicken Parm, Asparagus, and Steak
  • Screen faves: Grey’s Anatomy & the movie Hacksaw Ridge
  • When asked if she likes shopping, it was a resounding YES! Especially at Polaris and South Park Mall.
  • Currently, she works at OH-YO Frozen Yogurt and Danbury Senior Living.
  • Soon, she will be attending Bowling Green to pursue either a degree in nursing (to be a travel nurse) or childhood education (working with under-performing schools to raise their success level)
  • During college, Sam plans to be part of a study abroad program in Milan or Spain
  • Her favorite scripture is Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me”

Love my Seniors!

Spending the day with Sam was a true joy, and we got amazing shots for her senior photos. She’s a mixture of competitive and laid-back. The go-with-the-flow attitude helped us find the best poses, and of course, our perfect side-of-the-road meadow. Best wishes to Sam as she takes on the world!

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Hair and makeup by Hair by Angelina Kay!


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