Senior Photos In Canton Ohio

high school senior girl on city streets of canton, ohio.

It was a breezy day when I met with Audrey and her Mom. Which made for some beautiful photos… take a look down below and you’ll see what I mean. Audrey’s Senior photos in Canton, Ohio were just what she wanted! The theater is where we started since that is what she eats, lives, and breathes….theater!

That day in breezy Canton, Ohio was perfectly sunny and we had so much fun finding just the right spots, poses, and incorporating her instruments into many of the photos.

Audrey is such a joyful artist! I’m also including a few behind-the-scenes photos because prepping was just as fun as the shoot itself.

I always like to learn about the seniors I photograph, so I give them a questionnaire to help me figure out more about them.

Here are some of the cool things that make Audrey who she is:

  • Audrey’s the second oldest out of four.
  • She’s musically talented in many ways: choir (and show choir) member, bass player, and now learning ukelele.
  • Audrey’s also performed in plays and musicals. Her favorite family time is traveling and playing board/card games, which always makes her laugh.
  • Fave season= fall (who can blame her?! It’s a beautiful time of year)
  • Favorite color, and it fits her personality= red
  • When Audrey wants to relax, she listens to music in a quiet space. Possibly while sipping a chai tea!
  • Her favorite things to do are sing, perform, and spend time with family.
  • Walking and hiking are also preferred activities.
  • You might see Audrey in Target, Hot Topic, or a vintage store, all places she loves to shop.
  • She says the best places to eat are the A1 Japanese Steakhouse and Korean BBQ joints. Specifically for sushi and Korean fried chicken. Yum!
  • If she’s having some screen time, she’s probably watching Arcane League of Legends or The Secret of NIMH.
  • If she’s wearing earbuds, here’s what she’s most likely listening to: Straykids, Woosung, Green Day, Three Days.
  • She’s self-admittedly adventurous. Favorite treat: Milky Ways, Rolos, M&Ms. Audrey’s plans post-high school are to go to Drake University, where she will pursue a major in a BFA for musical theater.
  • Until then, she’s working at Wendy’s.

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Makeup and Hair by
Hair by Angelina Kay


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