The JLP Senior Session Prep Guide

jlp senior session guide

Hello! We are so glad you are here! That means that are thinking about your senior session. Did you know that we send a prep guide in the mail to all JLP seniors? The JLP senior session prep guide is exclusive for seniors who book with JLP.

Are you wondering what a prep guide is and why it is necessary? Are you nervous about your senior session? Thinking about outfits, makeup, posing, and locations?

Let’s dive into, The JLP Senior Session Prep Guide

Session Timeline

How to prep for your senior session, when to expect a Zoom consult to plan locations, and what to expect on your session day. Then that brings us to after, about two weeks after your session, we will bring you in and that will be the first time that you get to view your images for the first time and begin picking out your photo products.

Style Tips

Not sure where to start? This little guide is packed full of information to get you going and thinking about the big “picture” get it…see what I did there. Ok, anyway, it will help you get started in the direction we need to be going before we meet over Zoom to finalize your locations and wardrobe.

Here are a few things you will find in your style tips guide.

  • how to come with a variety
  • colors and how to get it in your images
  • how to accessorize your session outfits
  • shoes, one quick tip is to bring a pair of flats to walk in especially, if you plan on rocking some gorgeous heels!

Hair & Makeup Guide

To do it or not? That is a question I get asked a LOT! My answer is YES!

The reason I say yes is because why add the stress of trying to do your own hair and makeup on your senior session day? Hair and makeup is included in the three-hour session to add to your unique senior experience. Our artist is phenomenal at what she does and she LISTENS to you, so no need to be worried that you won’t look like yourself. Angelina knows how to get you camera-ready, so let’s just let her work her magic! Sit back and soak in the experience of being a JLP Senior.

  • how to come to the salon
  • hair care
  • skincare routine
  • come with some inspiration
  • hydrate, yes, hydrate a week leading up to your session and why this helps
  • to tan or not to tan, some big tips coming at ya here!
  • A mini tip guide for those who with not to get professional H+M

Picture Perfect Pinspiration

Now I am going to preface this one and tell everyone I am NOT a Pinterest photographer, looking at a Pinterest board the whole session, won’t be what we do. However, what we do use your Pinterest board for is inspiration. We will utilize this to plan your locations, outfits, and some looks for our H+M artist. This gives me the “vibe” you want for your senior session.

  • H+M and how many of each to “pin”
  • Locations
  • Pose inspiration
  • Why less is more

Session Checklist

Checklists are my bff and I need them to keep me organized, that’s why you get one too! Put that thing on the refrigerator so it is top of mind. As always we go over everything on our zoom prep before your senior session.

  • outifits, those go on a hanger not crumpled in a bag 🙂
  • accessories – put them on the hanger with each outfit
  • water and snacks – yes you will need them, we don’t wanna get hangry!
  • shoes-bring those flats for walking
  • Pinterest board for Hair and Makeup
  • Parent and a friend, yep bring them

Feeling ready for your Senior Session?

Shew, how are we feeling? Do you feel ready?

After years of photographing High School Seniors, I have learned lots of things and THIS my friends is why I send the JLP Senior Session Prep Guide. The desire for my clients to feel taken care of and ready for their senior session. It’s time to sit back and enjoy the ride of your senior year and stress shouldn’t be part of your senior session. I hope this helps you feel ready my friend!

To my booked seniors, be sure to share your JLP Senior Session Prep Guide on Instagram and tag me! I love resharing stories. Oh and don’t forget to spread the word to get $50 off your session for you and a friend!

A little freebie for you for sticking with me to the end! Grab our TOP 10 THINGS to PACK in your senior session emergency kit guide!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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