Senior Photos at the barn, football field, and on the mat.

Jake and his family wanted a location with a barn, something close to the school as well. So I called on my acquaintance who owns this beautiful old farm close to Waynedale High School. The Sundberg’s booked my three-hour session so we could get senior photos at the barn, football field, and on the mat. Oh and include Jake’s truck!

These guys did a phenomenal job being prepared for the session! They included all the things which made my job easy!

A truck, bow, medals, and all the sports made it a fun session to photograph. Incorporating all the things that make Jake who he is!

Sundberg family, I have enjoyed getting to know you all over the years of our boys playing football together, I wish Jake the best! I appreciate you all for allowing me to capture this moment in your lives!

OH and don’t forget after reading about Jake, don’t miss the sweet surprise at the end!

All things Jake

He is the oldest of three, he has two younger siblings.

Extra-Curricular included: Football-Center and DE 6 years, Wrestling-138 pounder 10 years and Track-300 hurdles 1 year.

Favorite color: seafoam green (this one surprised me!)

His favorite things to do with his family are to go on hikes and watch movies.

Spring is his favorite season.

BW3’s is his favorite restaurant.

Favorite food: Hot wings

Jake’s favorite way to relax he says is “Shooting my bow. Or kicking it back with the boys.”

Bowhunting is his favorite hobby.

When asked what his favorite things in life are he says, “I like hanging out with my friends. And hunting and fishing. I also enjoy working.”

T.V. Show: Yellowstone

Movie: Step brothers

He has volunteered through boy scouts for about 8 years.

He milks cows and does landscaping as well as staying busy with sports!

After school, Jake is planning to attend Ashland University to study Business and will be wrestling as well.

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