Grayson’s senior photos at home on the family property

senior guy in a field

As always, when a family reaches out to me that I get to photograph their next child. I am not going to lie, it makes my heart sing! Connecting with families as their family grows is one of the amazing parts of my “job”. Grayson’s senior photos at home on the family property were a lot of fun! Also, to try to be creative since that is also where his older brother’s photos were taken!

Grayson’s Senior Photos

Grayson’s senior photos were a challenge to me. A way to capture them in a place he loves, just like his brother but in a different way! Since photographing his older brother, I have taken some lighting mentoring from a fabulous senior photographer in Toledo, Holly Omlor.

Boy am I thankful for continuing learning in my field because it started to sprinkle and the woods got dark quick, we had fun doing some dramatic lighting in the woods tho! Kim kept saying how cool it was to see the light being used and what the photos looked like with it.

The light is fun for more of what I call a “tough guy look” most of the guys like it a lot! But nevertheless, we had a lot of fun creating together! Plus, I drug my lighting guy Mr. Cutshaver along with me to assist in holding my light.

I will pop a photo of a behind-the-scenes down below at the end just for fun!

I enjoyed my time with Grayson and his family, visiting all of his favorite places on the family property. They even took me to an old pump on the property that we used. Grayson had the Defender all cleaned up for us to travel around the property on and of course use for photos!

Miller family, thank you for choosing me again, I had a blast with you all! Even our guests that tagged along.

Let’s chat about Grayson

Youngest, he has an older brother.

He has played Football from 5th grade to Senior year.

Season: Summer

His favorite thing to do with his family is go on vacations together. Hanging out, playing Xbox with my brother.

Favorite Color: Blue

Ways to relax are hanging out with cousins and friends around a campfire. Playing Xbox. Watching Netflix.

T.V. Show: Chicago Fire

Movie: Marvel and Transformers Movies

His favorite hobbies are shooting his airsoft, working on his car, and driving the Defender.

His favorite foods are Pizza and Sushi.

Favorite restaurants to eat at are Katana, BW3, El Campesino, Dairy Queen, Raising Canes, and Chic Fil A

When asked what his favorite things in life are, Grayson says “Hanging with friends. Camping with friends. Vacation with family to the beach, mountain or to see my brother when he’s in the states.”

Grayson’s favorite bible verse: Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Volunteer work: He helps with 2 & 3-year-olds at church on Sundays. Also, helps unload food trucks in the summer for Millersburg Church of Christ.

After School Plans

Welding. Go to WCSCC. Currently working at Weaver Leather and Welding.

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  1. Justine says:

    Wonderful photos! I love that the session was done on his family’s property! So special, and we’ll be a forever keepsake. So much good stuff to say about this young man in this post! Beautifully written! I love his choice of scripture verse, and the shots with the beautiful pups!! Love everything!! Great job!


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