Seth’s Unique senior photo session

senior guy downtown wooster sitting on operation fandom steps with comic book

THIS Unique senior photo session was a fun one to not only plan but to execute!

I was thrilled when Seth’s Mom contacted me for photos. I have known his Mom for quite a while, so this always makes me happy when someone trusts me to photograph their kiddo!

It’s not every day they graduate! Until they get married this is probably the last time they are in front of the camera unless you make a habit of family photos.

When planning Seth’s unique senior session, Heather laughed and said “He wants some photos in an arcade.”

Sometimes I have to do a little thinking but we came up with Acres of Fun, I told her we would get some normal senior photos but we could add some fun ones as well!

This unique senior photo session was just that! After taking some photos, we wandered into Operation Fandom, spent some time there, then finished up photos in Downtown Wooster. After getting some “normal” photos and adding in some dramatically lit photos we headed to Acres of Fun! That was different and fun. This was the most laid-back session, full of joking and laughter. Both of Seth’s parents came along and my stomach hurt from laughing at how funny this family is! The senior session even ended with a friendly Guitar Hero competition between Seth and his Mom.

Thank you Meade family for trusting me and for all the laughs! Make sure you scroll all the way through the pics for a sweet surprise at the end!

Let’s chat about Seth

Oldest of three

Season: Fall

Color: Green

I work IT for school, student leader council, cross country for small time and band for small time

The favorite thing to do with family is watching movies.

Hobbies: Collecting nerd stuff. Comic books, pop figures, legos, posters, etc.

Restaurants to go eat are Chipotle, Taco Bell, and Five Guys.

His favorite way to relax is by reading comics building legos and watching movies.

T.V. Show: Psych and dexter

Movie: Back to the future

Favorite foods: Tacos burritos and nachos plus steak

Seth’s favorite things in life are Movies, comics, and nerd things.

The place to shop is, AMAZON!

Volunteers at New Hope Church.

After school plans: Going to college at bowling green, working in IT.

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  1. Justine says:

    Love this amazing session! Wow!! Such a relaxed feel to it. Looks like you captured his personality perfectly! Love to read about how joyous the session was with all the laughter as well! I also love that you incorporated the arcade into it. So cool. Not just a senior session, but also a night full of memories made that will last a lifetime!

    • jcutshaver says:

      Thank you! We had fun and his Mom even hopped in for a game of guitar hero which they love playing!
      I hope they will remember the session forever!


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