High School Senior during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I see you! I feel for you!

Planning your last few months as a senior in high school can be the most fun but stressful last few months. You are finalizing your days as a High School Senior. So being a High School senior, during Coronavirus can’t be easy! Follow with me here! Also, stay tuned to the very end for a special video, that explains my quote at the top!

You start to walk with a spring in your step as you enjoy spending this last bit of time with your friends. Your mind is swirling about with plans for the future. Graduation, walking across that stage and your party! Who all will you invite, will they come.

Who you are going to prom with, your dress or tux, flowers, what will you ride in, which house will you all be meeting at?

Senior skip day, senior prank day and at our local school, the seniors host a Bushwhacker day. Yeah, we live in a rural area and they get to drive or ride whatever they want to school that day. Last year there was a horse that was ridden to school! Combines, razors, you name it!

Then the finals, oh the finals. The last few months of being a senior can be an amazing time but the stress of buttoning it all up!

But then COVID-19 happened

Everything was changing as we crept into March! Then in March, you would walk out of your High School not knowing if you will ever step foot in those doors again, to be in those hallways with your friends again. If you will get to eat lunch with your group. Did you really say goodbye for good?

COVID has robbed so many of you. For now, we sit in our houses, practicing social distancing. BUT I know you all are longing for the day you can walk back through those halls and enjoy being the top dogs as SENIORS! That is the complete joy of what you have worked so hard for, this accomplishment. You’re a senior and you are trying to enjoy what’s left.

How can I help? Being a High School Senior during Coronavirus can’t be easy!

During this crazy time of social distancing, I had some thoughts!

  1. I had planned to do a cap and gown photoshoot for Jamie Lynette Seniors only, but I am opening it up for any Class of 2020 Senior. Even if we have to maintain social distancing and can’t meet in groups as I had envisioned. Each of you will meet me at an outdoor location with your caps and gowns to celebrate YOU! I encourage you even to bring along your College shirt and a pair of jeans to grab a photo and celebrate that upcoming milestone! I am hoping these can happen at the beginning/middle of May.
  2. Prom, will we get to have a prom? That is the big question on everyone’s minds! Have you already bought your dress? Have you rented your tux? Still, want photos? You still want to get dolled up and remember your senior year, even if it’s not going the way we wished! If we are still under the social distancing thing, then I would have you individually meet me at an outdoor location so we can maintain our distance! Even if you want photos with your besties, I will need us to honor our Governors wishes. (Sorry no showing up in the same car) WE will celebrate this no matter the circumstances.

All you have to do is shoot me an email at jamielynettephotography@gmail.com, tell me your interested and which session you would like! These mini sessions sold at $100 and each one booked, $25 from each session will be going towards a gift card from a Local Market, or Restaurant that will go to a family in need. Geared towards our Small family-owned businesses to help everyone stay afloat during this time.

In the meantime stop by Jamie Lynette Photography!

I have launched a new website, check it out here Jamie Lynette Photography

If your curious to see more Jamie Lynette Seniors stop here at the blog.

Or maybe you would like to get to know me better, check out my most recent post here. I chat about my cancer journey a tiny bit!

Wondering why I chose a Bob Marley quote at the top?

A few years ago, when I was diagnosed with cancer and was facing so much uncertainty in my life. I felt like the future was so scary! My Aunts took me on a trip to Florida and this song washed over me as I watched the waves. I know we all can’t take a trip so I am posting a video I made a few years ago. Right now, I just want to encourage you! There is a light, you just need to find it! because…everything is going to be alright!


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