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woman standing with grey backdrop behind her holding pink and white ballons!

CUE the Ballons and glitter, yep, I like glitter!

A new look to Jamie Lynette Photography! Yes, it was time! Time for a refresh. A New Jamie Lynette Photography Website! Just like us, a business grows and changes.

March 20th is pretty special to me and my family, so why not hit the launch date to commemorate two special things in my life?

Life can change things…

March 20th, 2019, a year ago, I was laying in a bed at the James Cancer Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. The following few weeks, were the hardest I had ever experienced. I got a new lease on life! A stem cell transplant. All the nurses kept popping in my room saying Happy Birthday ALLLL day! (I will blog about that journey soon!)

So to mark my ONE-year survivorship of the stem cell transplant, I knew the website had to get done March 20th! I’ve been slowly working on it, but hey we all need motivation, right?

A new website normally means, time to update your headshots. I did just have mine done in November with my super short hair, but I wanted to update them since my hair has grown. But they couldn’t be just any old photos, they had to be ME! Crazy me! I like to have fun and these needed to be just that!

Did someone mention balloons and glitter?

My daughter and Britt went along with my crazy ideas on how to celebrate the launch of the New Jamie Lynette Photography Website and My Stem Cell Transplant Birthday. She was patient, took photos and made her Mom over the moon happy. Especially when all us girls were on the way into Wooster, to take photos in front of my favorite PINK Victorian house it started raining! Oh well, we all laughed and had fun anyway! And took photos FAST!

Life is short, eat the cake!

Big thank you to a past JLP Bride, Ashley, who owns Faithful Little Cupcake for nailing my cake! I love it and I can’t wait to eat it!

I am looking forward to spending the day with my family. That is all I ever need.

Senior Inspire Team Applications

Be sure if your’re a Class of 2021 Senior or Parent, you don’t miss my NEW Senior Inspire Team, applications are live today, along with the new website! Be sure to stop here to apply!

Time to Celebrate…and sing…..

OHHHH….while you’re looking at photos, be sure to be singing CELEBRATION in your head or out loud! Outloud would be my vote! Just in case you need a refresher on the song, here ya go! Your welcome! Life is worth CELEBRATING!

Be sure to stop by Jamie Lynette Seniors Blog.

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If you need a website, check out Showit it’s an amazing platform and equally amazing people! The tech service is awesome!


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