How to prep for your senior session.


All the things to think about when preparing for your senior portrait session

For some time, I have been wanting to do more education type posts! But life this last year was kinda crazy! Especially for my seniors since I am so passionate about senior photography.

So with this being a crazy time of being shut-in due to the crazy coronavirus, I decided now is a good time to get some content on the blog. I mean hey, I have plenty of time!

So let’s get thinking about All the things to think about how to prep for your senior portrait session!

Part of my job as the photographer is to relieve as much stress as I can possible before the day of your session. So we will discuss all the things!

All about HOW to prep for your senior session

How to chose your outfit

When choosing your outfit, which is a huge decision, it is important that you chose something that you feel confident in. Being uncomfortable can make or break your senior portrait experience. Plus, get something you will wear again!


Be comfortable, if you don’t like the way something fits or the way it feels, don’t bring them along! Make sure your shirts don’t cling in the wrong places, we all feel self-conscious, don’t we?

We will be getting in all kinds of different poses so make sure that your clothes are comfortable for sitting, laying on the ground, walking and doing other things. You don’t want to be tugging at your clothes the whole time!

How does it look, use the mirror!

Girls check the way a shirt, sweater, skirt or dress looks when you put your hands on your hips, you don’t want something that makes you look wider. Like those big sleeves that don’t gather till your elbow. I’ve seen this happen and my poor sweet senior girl felt like she looked heavier because of the way the sweater was. Don’t worry, tho, we pinned it and kept on moving and grooving! Put your outfit on and pose in the mirror! Turn look at the side, the front, practice by putting hands on your hips, arms above head, lay down on the floor, also see if all the things stay covered!

Guys, does your shirt cling to an area you don’t like? Don’t wear it. Wear something you feel like is flattering.


Layer, layer and layer! It looks amazing in photos when things are layered! Flannels over shirts, vests over dresses, layered tank tops with shorts. Don’t limit the thought process! Using things to layer also gives your hands something to hold on to at times.


Don’t be afraid to Accessorize! Accessories really make your photos pop! Bring it on, I love adding in different accessories at different times to change up a photo background quick! Hats, for girls and guys! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, statement pieces, scarves, and fun shoes! Those things really stand out! Bring all the things! I hope you are learning some tips on how to prep for your senior session so far! Keep on reading.

Prep your clothes

Make sure you prep those clothes! A week before or a few days, just don’t wait until the last minute to pull those clothes out for your session!

Make sure nothing needs de-wrinkled. Hang things on hangers to bring to your session. Get those shirts ironed, call Grandma if you have to.

You could also be ultra-organized and attach your accessories to each outfit on its own separate hanger! I love this idea, attach in a baggie on the hanger so you don’t lose things.

Boys, don’t be bringing a duffel bag full of wrinkly clothes!

Make sure there are no stains or tears in your outfits. Check for fuzzies too, you can shave a sweater, yep shave it! Google it!


Check your shoes, make sure they are clean and tip-top shape!

Hair and Makeup

This is a HUGE part of a senior session that can completely alter the outcome of your images! I highly recommend professional hair and makeup. Some of my packages already have that built-in with some of my preferred artists! One of my favorite makeup gals is Taran at American Beauty Artistry, you will see she did the makeup job below.

Why I suggest hiring a professional. They are trained! They know how to make your makeup and hair fabulous for the camera. Plus, they can hide those little spots that we don’t like. They can make your eyes POP with false eyelashes and shadow. I promise you will still look like you, just a little more glammed up you!


These will be seen almost in every photo. So girls, check your polish. For the girls and guys wearing no nail polish, check that your nails are clean. You might need to moisturize your hands too.

Letterman Jacket

If you are bringing your jacket, don’t forget to get all your hair, your pet’s hair off that jacket. They are also known to attract fuzzies, so make sure you get those off with a lint roller or a sweater shaver. Or see above!


Yep, we are going to talk about shaving! Cameras pick up ALL the details.  If you’re wearing shorts, a dress and especially something sleeveless . . . please remember to shave.  Guys, watch the 5 o’clock shadows also! Try to shave the night before in case of razor burn!


Yes, we are talking ALL THE THINGS here on the blog today! It is very important that you make sure you have the correct things under your outfit. Girls, if you are wearing a light or white color, get nude undergarments, trust me. Maybe invest in a strapless bra for your outfit. Check your mirror! We don’t wanna fuss with bra straps with a sleeveless top or a thin strapped dress.


Don’t forget to prepare yourself! Remember don’t stress! I am here to help you. Sleep well the few nights leading up to your session so you look and feel your best! HYDRATE, yes I said it! Drink water! It will help your skin look it’s best and your body needs it.

That’s it! Thanks for reading along! Hope you enjoyed and learned How to prep for your senior session.

If you’re looking for a senior photographer in the Northeast Ohio region, or anywhere really, I love to travel! Ready to book? Just contact me here at Jamie Lynette Photography.

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