Jesse and Brooke’s Zoar Engagement Session

couple sitting on steps at Historic Zoar Village for their engagement photos

When I woke up on the morning of Brooke and Jesse’s Zoar engagement session, the weather had me concerned. Brooke and I had scheduled their session at least a month in advance due to her work schedule.

When planning their engagement session, they knew they wanted it to be outdoors in the fall. The cute, little, quaint Historic Village of Zoar was one of their top picks.

The radar was not looking promising! After texting back and forth and a phone call, we decided to give it a go for this Zoar engagement session.

As I drove down the long winding country roads towards Zoar, the clouds were dark, and it started sprinkling. My heart sank!

After saying a prayer and pulling into Zoar, it was like being in a little bubble. Other than being a bit chilly, we had a perfect session.

A little about the couple and their love story.

My favorite part is telling about a couple’s love story!

When I chat with a bride for the first time on the phone, this is one of my first questions, “How did you two meet?” After booking, I send a questionnaire so I can get to know them and get more details so I can share them with you here.

Three things Brooke can’t live without are (not including her fiance) her family, (mom, dad, and brother), iced coffee (Starbucks), and dog Hoops.

The three things Jesse can’t live without are (not including his fiance): deer hunting, fishing, and lifting.

They enjoy going on bike rides together, hanging out with a close friend group, playing board/card games, and bowling.

Her favorite date night eats are Mongolian BBQ, Chipotle, A1, and Mexican. His are Chipotle, Taco Bell, and Katana Buffet.

Favorite movies for Brooke are Safe Haven, The Call and Bridesmaids. Jesse’s are Shooter and American Sniper.

Favorite qualities about Jesse in Brooke’s eyes are: That he is sweet/thoughtful, good looking with big muscles, and he is funny.

Jesse’s favorite qualities about Brooke are is that she is beautiful, funny, and hard-working.

How they met

When asking how they met, Brook’s perspective:

“The first time we met would have been in elementary school but we didn’t actually become friends until middle school and then became good friends in high school. After high school, we both went to college in different places and the first time we saw each other in a while was when he came home from school in the summer and passed me in his truck.”

Jesse’s perspective on how they met:

We met in elementary school but didn’t really become friends. Then in middle school, we become best friends all through middle and high school.

The first date:

Brooke says: “We went on a 14-mile bike ride in June 2017, we were good friends in high school so before going I thought it was kind of as friends but as we were on the ride I started to think I may want this to be something more. I didn’t wanna say anything because I didn’t know if he still felt like we were just friends or not. (Turns out he did too but didn’t wanna say anything either because he didn’t know how I felt).”

Jesse says: “Our first date was a very long bike ride. At the time we really didn’t even know it was a date but that was the first place we really went alone.”

Neither of these sweeties remembered an exact day on how, they “knew” that they were meant to be, it just happened.

The Proposal

Brookes version: “We were in HHI for my family vacation and we were going out to the beach to take family pictures. I thought that it could maybe happen that week but quickly dismissed the thought. Because I thought he would never do it when his family wasn’t close. As we went out to the beach for pictures he suggested we take a picture by the water. So we move down by the water and as I go-to hand my phone to my brother’s girlfriend he got down on one knee and as I turned around to what I thought would be to take a picture he asked me to marry him.”

Jesse says: “Brooke loves the beach and we go on an annual vacation to Hilton Head every year with her family. I waited for our family pictures that way we were dressed up without her being suspicious and then I proposed on the beach.”

Finally, I can’t wait to meet with these two on their wedding day next year in June! It feels like it will be forever until I get to have these two in front of my lens again! So for now, enjoy Brooke and Jesse’s Zoar engagement session photos.


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