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Are you interested in applying for the 2024 Jamie Lynette senior inspire team?
You've come to the right place! 

The Jamie Lynette inspire team is a group of high school seniors that represent Jamie Lynette Photography for the duration of their senior year. The team is chosen through an application process, it is not chosen off of "popularity or the amount of followers you have. You do NOT need "model" experience! The inspire team is not about that at all!

Over here at Jamie Lynette Photography it's about having a deeper appreciation for life and memories.  Photos are not just about pretty pictures (well that too), but enjoying the experience and bringing out YOU! I want you to see how truly beautiful you are! 

This inspire team will be an exciting and highly-anticipated opportunity for you! Representatives are chosen based off of their involvement in their community, outgoing personalities, dedication to the Jamie Lynette brand! Along with the excitement about their senior year and being part of an unique senior year experience.

There are many perks and benefits of being part of the JLP senior inspire team! 

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2024 SENIOR Inspire team

Perks of being part of the #jlpseniorinspireteam

Your individual senior session

Team activities and a community service project!

YEAR round team shoots! Senior photos during all the seasons! 

Money back for referrals, only available for spokesmodels. You have the chance to earn back your entire Inspire Team fee!

ALL high resolution digital files from your senior YEAR experience.

Connection and new friendships!

A Unique & Authentic Experience for your senior year!


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Jamie Lynette Photography

Nights that consist of hanging out with my family, binge watching Netflix & Hulu, and eating pizza from all the places makes my heart happy!

Summer nights around a campfire, hanging out with my people. If these speak to your soul.  We are going to get along just fine! 

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