Fredericksburg Trail Fall Senior Photos

waynedale high school senior skipping rocks for senior photos, photo by Jamie Lynette Photography

Casey Waynedale High School

Love this “A” family! I had the pleasure of welcoming them to the JLP family last November when I offered Christmas Mini Sessions.

So when Erin contacted me to do Caseys’ senior session I was elated! I love having repeat clients, that become family/friends! When planning Casey’s session this summer, they knew they wanted a Rustic Fall Senior session and wanted to make sure that they got on my fall schedule.

We waited till pretty much the day of to make a final location decision.  This was a first for JLP! We explored our neighboring small town communities of Fredericksburg and Holmesville. 

I must say, I am so glad we did. So many hidden treasures in these little towns. We traveled between the Fredericksburg Trailhead over to Holmesville.  Such a beautiful place.

However, we picked the perfect time, if I say so myself! In Ohio, it is no easy task planning to get fall foilage! But we are blessed to get to experience this grandeaur! We got some amazing photos and fall color! 

All about Casey | Class of 2020

  • He is the middle child of three
  • Played soccer for 8 years!
  • Casey enjoys going out to eat and watching movies with his family.
  • Fall is his favorite season
  • White is his favorite color
  • Relaxing includes napping or hanging with friends
  • Lover of video games
  • Spending time with family, friends or alone are his favorite ways to spend time.
  • Steak n Shake and Five Guys are his favorite places to go eat!
  • Breaking Bad is his favorite TV show
  • No Country for Old Men is his favorite movie
  • Pistachios are a fav!
  • After high school, Casey is hoping to go to a trade school to become an engineer or something related.

Casey and Erin, I enjoyed walking around, exploring the hidden treasures in our tiny neighboring communities. Big THANK you to Erin for rescuing my camera bag when I left it behind! OY! Thankful we were in Fredericksburg in the midst of amish country lol!

Lastly, Casey the feedback you gave me was awesome, I love that you were very involved in your session! I had fun!

guy standing in front of tree with fall foilage
old white stone barn, senior guy leaning against, photographed by Jamie Lynette photography
guy kneeling down on one knee in front of brick wall, Fredericksburg Ohio. Photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
Guy leaning up against very rustic wall in fredericksburg ohio, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
Guy leaning up against very rustic wall in fredericksburg ohio, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
waynedale high school guy standing near water on fredericksburg trailhead ohio, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
waynedale high school guy standing near water on fredericksburg trailhead ohio, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
waynedale high school guy squatting by water on fredericksburg trail, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
senior guy sitting on rustic steps at Holmesville Elementary, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
waynedale high school senior guy sitting on guard rail of country road with graffiti bridge in background
waynedale high school senior guy standing in front of rustic old storage building, photography by Jamie Lynette Photography

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