Downtown Wooster Senior Pictures

Sierra Class of 2020

Meet Sierra, Waynedale High School senior.  I met up with this sweet girl and her boyfriend Hunter who tagged along last week to photograph her downtown Wooster senior photos.  We couldn’t have hand picked  prettier day for her senior photos.  A little chilly but not to bad for an October day in Ohio.

When chatting with Sierra about what she wanted for her senior session experience, she knew that she wanted Downtown Wooster Senior Pictures. 

Downtown Wooster is quickly becoming one of my most asked for locations. But why not, our little city is doing a great job at working on beautifying Downtown.  We have a great mix of some rustic/old and Modern updates.  I love when I have a chance to explore and find a new corner or alley way!

Living in a small community, I had heard of Sierra losing her sweet Mama last month.  Sierra is learning to navigate life without her Mama and I asked her if she wanted to talk about it, to put it in the blog questionnaire I had sent her.  She choose to share and I think we all need the reminder on just how precious life is. I love how she brought a photo of her Mom to incorporate into her session. 

Sierra’s Words on losing her Mama

On Saturday 9/14/19 we lost someone very special. My beautiful Mother passed away, she was my other half, the person I went to when I needed anything. The person I trusted most with all of my secrets. I hate that this cruel world took her away from me so soon. My Mom wasn’t like most Moms. She was different and unique. She was such a lovely person, she always knew how to make me smile. We didn’t always see eye to eye but I loved her so much no matter what. She raised me to be a mature strong woman & that’s what I’m trying to be. I’m trying my best. I miss her so much already I don’t even know how I’m supposed to live my life like this. She was taken from me before I could even make more memories with her, before she could see me walk down the aisle, before I could have my first child, and so many other memories. No matter what I want to believe she’s there, right next to me watching me take one step at a time. So now, every step I take is for her.

All about Sierra | Class of 2020

  • She is the Middle Child in a family of three
  • Sierra is in the second year at the Wayne County schools career center, in the trade “Practical Nursing”. At the end of her senior year, she will be well on her way to become an LPN.
  • Spending time with family is high on this girl’s list! Sierra says, You never know how much time you will have with someone, so love every second!”
  • Her favorite season is Spring.
  • Loves the colors purple and yellow.
  • Her favorite hobby is spending time with family and friends.
  • Going to the beach is on her list to do soon!
  • Chipolte is a favorite restaurant and Sierra, said she could eat it every day! Hey me too!!!
  • Favorite Movie is Before I fall and TV show is American Horror Story.
  • Fruit is a favorite food of hers!
  • This girl, juggles two jobs while studying for her Practical Nursing program, plus life!

Sierra, THANK YOU for allowing me to capture your downtown Wooster senior pictures and spend time with Hunter and you! Praying for you as you navigate this tough journey you are on! Enjoy your gorgeous photos! You photographed so beautifully! 

senior sitting on steps in Downtown Wooster, Ohio photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
senior sitting on steps in Downtown Wooster, Ohio photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
senior sitting on steps in Downtown Wooster, Ohio photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
senior girl sitting on steps downtown Wooster ohio
girl standing holding railing for city look senior photos, wooster ohio by jamie lynette photography
Downtown Wooster senior photo of girl standing by rustic metal steps by Jamie Lynette Photography
high school senior girl standing in front of Wooster Hospital in her scrubs

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