Fall OARDC Senior Pictures

Waynedale and WCSCC

Fall OARDC senior pictures is one of my favorites!

I met up with Nancy last week and we had already rescheduled once due to weather. When it came to the day of her session, it started dreary, cold and very windy. It had been raining the previous day and most of the night. Nancy chose to have Fall OARDC senior pictures, so I wasn’t sure how wet the ground and steps I love to use would be.

I thought another reschedule might be on the agenda. But as the day wore on the sun started shining so beautifully.  I didn’t want to take the chance on trying to get a less windy and warmer day.

In Ohio in October, that seems to be the game we photographers play. GO for it or wait? 

Pretty, sunny days are few and far between. Being warm outside is sometimes non-existent. But I am so glad we went ahead and got her photos done!

It was a bit chilly for Nancy’s favorite outfits, but I don’t think you would ever know the wind and cold we battled! 

A first for JLP….

This was a new experience for me as Nancy, speaks very little english! I was super nerveous for the session but knew her sister was coming along to interpret. All these thoughts swirled through my mind the night before the session.  I wanted to give Nancy the JLP experience.  BUT I know I did because just like all my seniors, it wasn’t long before we were laughing and understanding each other just fine! What a unique experience for me, to spend time with someone from another culture! Such a fun time and I think you can see just how comfortable you can be with me, language barrier and all! I love what I do and I strive so hard to make sure my clients feel like they are the star during their session! Looking at Nancy’s pics, I see it!

I’m thankful for translation apps and that Nancy trusted me, even though I speak ZERO spanish!

Finally, I am so glad she chose to have Fall OARDC senior pictures. I am so glad she did, it was gorgeous as always. The OARDC never dissapoints no matter the season.  We are truly lucky to have this gorgous place Nancy, you rocked your session and I loved getting to meet up with you and your sister Brenda.

All about Nancy – Class of 2020

  • Waynedale High School/WCSCC
  • She has two sisters and two brothers. She is the second oldest. The order goes Brian, HER, Brenda, Leyla,and Derek. Brian is 20 years old. She’s soon to be 19 in February. Brenda is 16 years old. Leyla is almost three in January and Derek is one.
  • Her favorite things to do with her family is go out to eat, go out on hikes and explore nature.
  • Fall is her favorite season.
  • Salmon is her favorite color.
  • Nancy’s favorite ways to relax is to just chill and read.
  • Loves watching Netflix (me too!)
  • Her favorite things in life is that she grew up watching soccer and it’s an important Sport in my life. She loves to go to the beach. 
  • This girl don’t love shopping but her favorite places are Hollister, Forever 21, American Eagle, Windsor, GAP, Aerie, and Aeropostale.
  • Restaurant favorites are Olive Garden (mine too), Red Robin, and AppleBees.
  • T.V. show: Stranger Things (me too!) 
  • Movie: Fast and Furious (all of them)
  • Nancy’s favorite foods are Pupusas, tacos, Chicken Alfredo.
  • She is currently exploring a college in Virigina and looking at her options. 

Nancy, I loved getting to meet you! Enjoy your Fall OARDC senior pictures! You did great and your such a beautiful girl! Loved your outfits!


waynedale high school senior girl sitting on chair in front of white flowers at oardc, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
waynedale-high-school-senior-photos-oardc-jamielynettephotography-girl standing in front of red berries
fall high school senior pictures at the oardc, senior walking in front of birch trees, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
fall high school senior pictures at the oardc, senior standing in front of birch trees, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography
fall high school senior pictures at the oardc, senior standing in front of birch trees, photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography

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