Cayla’s Summer Senior Session

senior girl sitting in front of old chippy milk house with colorful weeds behind her

Cayla wanted flowers for her Summer senior session. Luckily I had just seen my friend Jen and personal photo editor, post about how beautiful her Grandma’s gardens were. All it took was a quick phone call and Grandma said we could come there!

Her property was beautiful, rustic, and peaceful! The flowers, the birds, nestled back off a quiet country road, made a perfect backdrop for this summer senior session!

All about Cayla

She has 6 siblings, 2 older brothers, and an older sister. A twin brother (who I’m older than by 8 minutes) and 2 younger brothers.

She’s been in 4H for 9 years and been the secretary for the student council at school for 4 years. Hopefully, she still can be involved in Art Club, pep club, FCCLA, and SODA club, dependent on COVID.

Her favorite thing to do with her family is going down to their camp in West Virginia. They ride four-wheelers, sit by the fire, and just have fun being together.

Favorite season: she loves fall because it’s the perfect weather and that’s when all of the holidays start to happen.

Favorite color: Red

Cayla enjoys relaxing by I enjoy listening to music or cuddling with her dog, Archie.

Hobbies: she has multiple hobbies. Cayla likes anything that deals with art, taking pictures, playing with her animals, thrifting and working on old campers.

Her favorite things in life are, traveling and animals. Cayla like’s going to new places because no two places are the same. She also loves animals because all animals have different personalities and it’s interesting getting to know them.

When asked if she loves shopping, she say’s “I love thrifting! I also like PacSun, American Eagle, and urban outfitters.”

Restaurant choices, Hibachi or spaghetti warehouse or anything Mexican.

T.V. Show: Riverdale or In The Dark

Movie: I love ALL scary movies.

Foods: Avocados and all fruits

Thoughts for after high school: “I want to start a traveling boutique of some sort in an old camper. I haven’t decided if I want it to be a coffee shop, clothing boutique or antique shop yet.”

A complete joy!

Cayla, you have been a joy to have on my team! You are my quiet, shy but sweetie on the team. I have enjoyed working with you, getting to take some photos with you and your twin (photos to come later, but one for a sneak peek). Looking forward to some more team shoots with you and the team! Kyle, you have raised a real sweetie!

Remember, above when I mentioned my editor…..

If you are drowning in editing, worried about consistency. I mentioned above my editor, who has grown to be a friend is amazing! You should check her out here! Jen has freed me to live my life but yet continue to do my favorite thing, which is to shoot! She even has a phone photography course, my seniors might just love as well!

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