Preston – Rustic Country Senior Guy Photos

When trying to figure out where a senior wants their photos, it can be tough sometimes. But to get rustic country guy photos, it was a no brainer to use their property!

This session was special for me, whether he realized it or not! I have watched Preston “grow up”. Watching him play sports alongside my son for a long time! It is bittersweet for me to know this is their last year!

I loved getting the chance to walk their country property, to get to wander down to the creek, then to explore all the nooks and crannies! Chatting away about the past and the future was a highlight for sure!

Plus, we got to get the doggies out! Talk about the smiles coming out when they got to come out, we should’ve got them out at the beginning of the session! Loved getting to meet Rocky and Zoey. They are beautiful dogs! Oh make sure you don’t miss Preston and Rocky’s HUG!

About Preston

He is the oldest of two.

He is a Waynedale football wide receiver and has played since 6th grade.

Going on vacation with his family is a favorite.

Summer is his favorite season.

Favorite Color is Orange

Preston’s favorite way to relax is watching Netflix.

Volunteers at a Church of God food pantry through the spring/summer. Volunteers at NewPointe Church on Sunday’s in Children’s Ministry. Also, volunteers at HCBDD with different events.

Hobby is playing video games.

Enjoys traveling.

Restaurant is Five Guys

Favorite movie is Transformers.

T.V. show is MacGyver.

Favorite food is Haystacks!

Works at East of Chicago.

Preston is planning on joining the Military after High School.

Thank you all!

Thanks so much for trusting me! I enjoyed photographing this rustic country guy photo session and doing my best to give you the best experience!

The Mom’s always tell me their boys don’t want photos and I always promise that I will make it enjoyable for the son’s as well! I think we did pretty good and Preston was a trooper and let me get my big light out for some dramatic shots!

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