Winter coffee shop senior photos

When living in Ohio, a Winter senior session is a hit or miss! I would say this one was a HIT! Getting creative is a must sometimes, when living in Ohio. When planning Daniel’s session, this coffee shop is a family favorite and it was the perfect choice for his winter coffee shop senior photos. HeBrews Coffee shop in Shreve is a quaint little faith-based place! So many creative little nooks and crannies.

I always love when I get to photograph one of the kids that I have watched grow up. We go to church with this sweet family, so I have been watching him grow into this handsome young man over the last 13 years! His Mama is just the sweetest and kind soul, I am so thankful I got to photograph this sweet guy! Plus, I just can’t believe he is a senior this year!

TIME flies, truly. Daniel has a very special story, he shares a tiny bit here on the blog, be sure to read until the end!

Daniel – Class of 2021

He is the oldest of two!

Currently he is learning and loving to play guitar!

Daniel has played Baseball for 11 years.

Spring is his favorite season

Enjoys working out, singing and dancing

Blue is his favorite color.

Favorite family activities include playing card games, bible study, watching movies, going to restaurants, cooking together.

Music and meditation are his favorite ways to relax!

Some of his favorite things is loving to travel and write about whatever comes to mind. Daniel says “that traveling adds a more creative approach to music.” He enjoys traveling anywhere to see Gods beautiful creations, from the mountains to the seas.

Red Lobster and Katanas China buffet are his favorite restaurants.

Favorite T.V. show is Naruto.

All time favorite movie is God’s not dead.

When asked if he enjoys shopping, that is a sometimes, possibly the mall.

Favorite food is chicken.

Proverbs 16:3 – Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.

After school Daniel is planning on going to pursue music. Also, to travel to learn new things and pursue things that can help others.

After a very traumatic skiing accident, Daniel’s sweet words.

I’ve gone through a bit of traumatic injuries. I was lost and couldn’t find my way until I met Jesus. I found my purpose and see my dreams clearly now I believe we all have a purpose and the only true purpose is with God. God will guide you on the path that was planned from the beginning!

Daniel, sweet guy, I enjoyed so much sitting and talking with you and your Mom after your winter coffee shop senior photos. Plus, it was a great way to warm up after braving the cold for a few chilly minutes! It was a great idea to use the coffee shop. I believe you are going to blaze a trail! You inspire me! I will be praying that God guides steps!

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