Urban Wooster Senior session

high school senior sitting on the ground in front of a white garage door she is wearing a pink sweater, she has one leg up and one down with a serious look on her face.

When reading through Savannah’s questionnaire and planning her session. I knew that an Urban downtown Wooster senior session was exactly what we needed.

When chatting with a client and planning out their senior session. I do my very best to nail down what will make my senior AND their parents happy. We get the best of both worlds. Which in my book is a win-win because MOST seniors do not want to get their photos done, it is more of a tradition.

I must say, that on my questionnaire I get the I am not excited about getting my photos done and I am nervous answer A LOT! But see for yourself, I think within minutes, Savannah was at ease and her photos show it! She’s a natural and she just didn’t know it. It might be my weird sayings, but I get that smile! If you asked her today, I am SURE she would tell you she had fun and it was not bad at all! Looking at her photos you will see that!

On the day of Savannah’s session, the radar looked spotty for rain. I have to say I was on the fence with rescheduling! But we knew with our tight schedules and makeup scheduled, we had to say a big prayer. I am so glad we went through with it, the sun came out and it was a perfect session! Big shout out to Rachel at Rachel Gabrielle + Co for another amazing hair and makeup job!

Also, just let me say, this is another sweet face that I have watched over the past 12 years growing up at church. I love that I get to spend this one on one time getting to know THEM so much better.


Triway High School – Class of 2021

Youngest of two, she has an older sister which I also got to photograph!

FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America).

Band and choir my freshman/sophomore year, she played Clarinet.

Fall is her favorite.

Playing card games with her family is her favorite thing to do together.

Favorite color is yellow.

Her favorite way to relax is by watching Netflix. (mine too)

She helps with childcare at church and has done so since 6th grade.

Savannah enjoys making jewelry, specifically earrings.

Taking night drives with her friends is a favorite past time.

Thrift stores is a favorite for shopping.

Restaurant: China Garden

T.V. Show: Atypical

Movie: Peanut butter falcon

Favorite Food: Mashed Potatoes

After School

After High School, Savannah is hoping to become a pre-school teacher, she is not quite sure on which college she would like to attend yet!

Savannah, I enjoyed my time with you and you nailed it on your choice of an Urban Wooster senior session. Thanks for wandering with me to grab some different locations to mix it up a bit! Enjoy your gorgeous photos!

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