Baseball Inspired Senior Session

high school senior guy standing in dark room with light on his face. He is standing behind a new in baseball hitting facility holding his glove and wearing his jersey

First of all, let’s face it. Some guys don’t want a senior session. But us parents’s well….we want to show off our kids! So when planning for Jaden, we came up with a Baseball Inspired senior session.

I would say we hit it out of the park! (Funny, right?!?) No, but seriously, you can get great photos for all the parties involved. Senior photography is just not what it used to be! I love being able to help the senior love their photos as well.

Jaden is an avid baseball player and loves the game! So his session seemed only fitting that it revolves around what he loves, right! It’s a win-win situation! Great photos, centered around HIM!

It was freezing the morning we met for Jaden’s session, but Jaden was willing and open to let me be creative. We got some amazing shots in the new hitting facility at Waynedale High School and some fun ones at the field as well.

OH and THIS guy just signed on with Kent State Golden Flashes to play baseball! Way to go Jaden!

Jaden-Waynedale-Class of 2021

He is the youngest of two, he has an older brother.

Baseball pitcher and outfielder since he was 2 years old.

Enjoys, lifting.

Jaden enjoys hitting and throwing baseballs with his family. They also enjoy throwing football.

Favorite season is Spring.

Red and white are his favorite colors.

Watching Netflix and playing Xbox is how he relaxes.

Jaden volunteers by helping kids with baseball.

His hobbies include lifting and playing baseball.

His favorite things in life include traveling to different states to play baseball against the best of the best.

Shopping: Dicks sporting goods, wilson.com and oakley.

Restaurants: Bdubs, Applebee’s and El Campesino.

T.V. Show: All American

Movie: Money ball

Favorite foods: Steak, Burgers and Chicken

After High School

Jaden is excited to play baseball at Kent State University, keep living the dream, and grind every step of the way!

If you missed it up top of this blog, Jaden already signed with Kent State.

His saying is “”The Grind Don’t Stop”!

Jaden, I enjoyed doing your Baseball inspired senior session! I am planning on catching a game or two, you better let us know when the games are! I can’t wait to see what your future holds!

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