Gage | Waynedale | Class of 2020

senior guy croached down qith red faded brick wall behind him.

Urban Senior Session Downtown Wooster

Where do I start on this guy? He is another kiddo that I have known about 11 ish years. He and my son played little league baseball together when they were tiny tykes! Gage’s Dad was also, their coach, a GREAT one!

When chatting about his session, we were trying to nail down the “feel” he wanted for his session. We decided to hit downtown Wooster for an urban vibe. I am so glad we did!

I seriously LOVED that I got to capture Gage’s Urban Senior Session, Downtown Wooster. This Guy totally rocked his session! Just check out his photos, see for yourself! I love that he was up for my suggestions. The shots turned out amazing! Furthermore, it’s time to get to know Gage!

All the things about Gage

  • He obviously attends Waynedale High School (as mentioned above)
  • Gage is the youngest of four
  • Favorite color is white
  • Watching shows and playing board games are the ways he likes to spend family time.
  • Favorite season is Summer
  • HIS favorite things in life are vacation and hanging out with friends.
  • In his words when asked if he loves shopping “Yes, for shoes at foot locker.”
  • BD’s Mongolian Grill is his favorite restaurant (if you have never been there you HAVE to go try it, it’s one of my fav’s too).
  • Teen Wolf is his favorite tv show
  • Iron Man is a favorite movie
  • Foods that top rank are Shrimp, chicken bacon ranch noodles, and steak.
  • He loves to spend time outside in the summer and play video games occasionally.
  • Works at Auntie Anne’s
  • This guy is planning to go to college after high school to get a 4-year degree in radiology.

Thank you so much for choosing me, I loved capturing your senior photos!

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