Smithville Ohio Fall senior session

Senior high school girl walking through tall field of flowers

This Smithville Ohio fall senior session gave me ALL the fall vibes! Sophie did an amazing job planning out her outfits and adorable hats! Plus, she asked for my mustard yellow chair, which I love bringing out.

Sweet Sophie will be graduating Class of 2021 from Smithville High School. She is one of four girls on my Senior Inspire Team. I have SO enjoyed getting to have her joyful bubbly self on my team!

I have also, had the pleasure of watching this girl through various youth group activities. That I have volunteered for in the past, most of them as the activity photographer. I have to just say, I can NOT wait to see where she allows the Lord to lead her.

Her style is impeccable as you will see in her photos! Be sure to check out Blue Spruce Boutique in Wooster, Ohio. The cute hats and some pieces were bought from there. I can’t wait to get to downtown Wooster to check it out soon! Just wait until you see how she pulled in all the pieces. Sophie rocked out her Smithville Ohio fall senior session, with lots of style and it was perfect!

All about Sophie

She is the oldest of five.

This girl has been singing in church and at school since she was 7.

She’s been apart of the church choir, Wayne County Honors Choir, and her high school choir.

Part of the worship team at church in some capacity for seven years.

Involved with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) leadership team.

Ski Club.

Hobbies include, Photography and painting/drawing and singing.


Sophie says “Their busy family is always on the go so it’s hard to find time to sit down. But some of my favorite moments with them are the times where we all collect around the kitchen island. We break from the things we are doing individually. Then in those moments it never fails. There will be lots of laughter and I always leave feeling refreshed and thankful to call them mine.”

Favorite season: I love all of the seasons for different reasons. It really would be hard for me to pick one. The only thing I could say is I wish winter was shorter.

Favorite color: This one is hard for me to pick as well. I am more drawn to color pallets than individual colors. If I have to pick a color it’s usually because of the meaning behind it. Currently that would be green because the color green is symbolic of health, safety, and new growth. All things I strive to have at the center of my life.

Way to relax: cuddling up next to someone I love with a blanket, popcorn with m&ms, and a movie.

Sophies’s favorite things in life: “My favorite things in life are the small things. So many times we get caught up in the big moments or obvious blessings. We miss the other things that surround us each day. I heard a quote that said, “What would happen if tomorrow you woke up and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday.” Whoa. Obviously, I love to dream and travel. Being with people I love, but more than anything, I want to never take for granted the small things. The sky during sunrise and sunset, or the way God places the clouds each day. The smell of the air during each season, laughter out of the mouth of someone I love! Hugs, and amazing food or a REALLY good book. Those are just some of a few. :))”

Shopping: “I do appreciate new things in my wardrobe, but I can appreciate window shopping just as much! Haha! I’m not a huge spender! But some of my favorite places to go are Francesca‘s for jewelry, American Eagle, and Blue Spruce.”

Favorite Restaurants: Spoon Market, Broken Rock and Timber Lodge in Medina.

TV show: Sister, sister

Movie: Cool Runnings (she loves movies!)

Favorite Bible Verse: John 15:2, the prayer of the heart. “He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes[a] so that it will be even more fruitful.”

After High School Plans

“After high school, I’m planning on going to college! Currently, the one in the running is Asbury University in Kentucky. I would love to be some sort of art major as that where my passion really is. But finding jobs that pay for that seems to be proving difficult. I’m praying a lot as I continue to make plans and walk forward. Trusting that when it’s time to take the next step, God will show me where to put my foot. When I imagine myself in my head I would love to live in Greece and own a flower shop or an art supply store. I also want to someday get married so we will see what God’s plan for that is!”

Senior Inspire Team

Be sure to stop by my link here to check out Sophie’s photos during our FIRST Inspire Team photoshoot. We had a blast traveling to Cleveland on That Bus. You have to go check it out after you are done seeing her gorgeous photos here! If you’re interested in being on the Senior Inspire Team, I am going to be launching applications soon! Be sure to stay tuned on my Instagram to hear about it there first.

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