Seven Tips on How to Prepare for Your Senior Portraits with JLP!

TIP 1: Season

Clients ask me all the time…”When is the best time to have my senior photos taken?”

And my response is always…”What is your favorite season?” If you have no yearbook deadline and can take your senior photos any time during your senior year, then choose your favorite season. This is the season that best fits your personality and allows you to wear your favorite types of clothing and be photographed in your favorite types of locations.

In other words, do you love sweaters, jeans, boots, scarves, fall colors, leaves on the ground, etc.?

If so, then fall is the perfect time for your senior photos. Or are you someone who loves spring? The season full of fresh flowers, green grass, warm weather, sundresses, shorts, and bright colors. If this sounds like you, then spring is the perfect season for you.

But remember you also need to take into account your extra-curricular schedule.  

If booking a fall session, it is important to contact me as soon as you decide, these book out very quickly.

Perry High School Senior girl, wearing fun maroon hat, photographed at OARDC during fall.Photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography, Wayne County Senior Portrait Photographer.

TIP TWO: Tell me about yourself!

It’s important to me to get to know each and every one of my clients before their session.

Whether we connect by phone or in person, we will spend a little bit of time together so that we can get to know each other.

Filling out your questionnaire, that you will receive by email after booking. This is an important step as it will help me identify your unique style, wants and needs. This is your time to let me know if you have any concerns and ask questions so that your session will be the best it can possibly be.

TIP THREE: Inspiration

My goal is for your session to be unique and to reflect your style and personality.

However, I do think it’s important to know what you’re drawn to. Feel free to browse my website and check out my most recent senior sessions for inspiration.

You can also create your own Senior Photo Shoot board on Pinterest with the inspiration you find from other places and invite me to join so that I can see what you like and what inspires you. This will help you get ideas.  Pin things such as clothing, poses, location ideas and more to help me get to know you. You can also browse my Pinterest.  But don’t get too worried about all the details, you hired me for a reason! I am the expert and I am going to help you.  

TIP FOUR: Location

Just like choosing the season for your session, the location should reflect you.

Your outfits need to match the location which will help tell the story of who you are.  

If your style is urban, then your clothing and location need to reflect that style; a downtown location would be perfect for you.

If you are preppy, then a traditional location such as a park might be perfect.

And if you are boho, then a field might be the right location for you.

Every aspect, from your personality and style, to your clothing and the location of your shoot, need to work together to tell your story.

If you’re not sure about where you’d like to have your senior portraits taken, give me a call! I know of some locations that you may not have considered. I’d be happy to talk with you and share images from some of my favorite locations.

Perry High School Senior girl standing in front of box office at Palace Theater downtown Canton, Ohio.  Photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography, Wayne County Senior Portrait Photographer.

TIP FIVE: Decide what to wear

What you wear is a major part of your senior photo session. Your choice of clothing helps tell the story of who you are at this point in your life and can make your pictures even better! So how do you decide?

Here are a few tips:

Show your personality and style – choose clothes that are YOU! Don’t wear something you think others would wear but rather clothes that fit your personality and style.

  • Be comfortable – pick clothes that you feel comfortable in. If you don’t like fitted styles, then don’t wear them. Make sure what you choose allows you to move into different poses such as sitting, squatting, etc.
  • Choose colors that look good on you – choose colors that flatter your specific skin tone and colors you like. If you hate pink, don’t wear it. If you have a pale skin tone, choose colors that accentuate that.
  • Don’t forget accessories – No outfit is complete without the right accessory so don’t forget this important step. Jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hats, belts and even the right shoes can make a good outfit GREAT! The right finishing touches will help you look complete in your photos. Put these in a baggie on each outfits hanger to be super organized the day of your photos!
  • Choose a Variety of Looks – Three outfits is a great number because it allows you to have a few different looks in one session. One casual outfit, one dressy and then something unique to you. This can be anything from your prom or homecoming dress to your sports uniform or dance outfit.
Waynedale Senior girl sitting in front of door in Zoar Ohio. Photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography, Wayne County Senior Portrait Photographer.

TIP SIX: Don’t Stress!

If you have any questions about anything that has to do with your senior portrait experience, ask me!

I am here to help, guide and make sure your session is perfect for you. Let me take the stress away and help you have the best experience possible; an experience you will remember forever!

Waynedale Senior girl standing against a wall downtown Wooster Urban black and white photo. Photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography. Wayne County Senior portrait photographer

TIP SEVEN: Collections

Decide on which collection to book. JLP offers three packages to meet the many needs of the different variations I have found that my seniors want.

The Primitive one is just the way it sounds! It is my smaller collection. The bare-bones, meant for those not wanting a long session or a second location.

Simplicity is my middle collection made for those who have a few outfit changes and would like variety in their location.

The Memorable One is just the way it sounds, the ones that want to be remembered! This has begun to be my most booked session! Unlimited outfits, two locations and three hours in front of my lens!

EACH collection comes with PRINT CREDIT, do you know what that means? You can ORDER a certain amount of product, that ships right to your house! You walk away with ART! I WANT you to have prints, canvases or albums! You choose what you put the money towards! My collections are meant to be easy.

Waynedale senior girl holding American flag standing in wheat field. Photographed by Jamie Lynette Photography, Wayne County Senior Portrait Photographer.

Are YOU ready to book?

Fill out the contact form here, so we can get started planning your senior photo experience.

Stop by the Jamie Lynette Seniors blog to view more photos!

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