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senior guy sitting on path in wooded area with leaves around and tall pines

Quail Hollow Fall Senior Photos

Quail Hollow, a stark park located in Hartville, Ohio features many unique locations. This gorgeous place was Eli’s chosen spot for his photos since he wanted a natural backdrop. It was my first time to Quail Hollow and it did not disappoint.

Eli’s Mom Paula and I were trying to find a middle place between us both and found Quail Hollow when googling. I will definitely be going back there! Glad we went there for sure.

Eli attends St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Louisville, he is my first Senior Client from Louisville. I loved getting to meet this guy and he comes as a referral from a wedding that I second photographed this summer! So that alone is super exciting to me.

Eli is an easy-going guy and was almost to easy I kept telling him! Eli gave me great feedback after I hounded him a hundred times! I love it when a senior see’s something they don’t love about a photo, guess what?!?! We fix whatever it is and retake the photo! I love giving you that option and taking my time on a session.

He put up with my asking for a very loud fake laugh to capture his genuine smile, he had me laughing almost the entire session and the conversations we had as we explored Quail Hollow.

All about Eli

  • He has 2 older brothers Tim and Caleb
  • His favorite things to do with his family are to watch TV, football, play board games, workout together, hang out in general.
  • Fall is Eli’s favorite season
  • Green is his favorite color
  • His favorite way to relax is by hanging out with friends and family.
  • Eli’s favorite things in life includes that he Loves praising the Lord and going to church. Spending good time with friends and family. Likes to travel when the chance comes.
  • Buckle is his favorite place to shop.
  • Olive Garden is his favorite restaurant (mine too!).
  • T.V. Show – Game of Thrones
  • Movie – The Dark Knight
  • Favorite food is Papa Johns pizza
  • Aspiring lineman technician
  • Favorite Bible Verse is Romans 8:18
  • The one thing I don’t ask that Eli wanted you all to know is that he’s very datable. (Love this guy! Cracked me up the whole session) So, ladies, he is available!

After wrapping up at quail hollow we headed into downtown Hartville. We found some unique old buildings there! Downtown Hartville is quite neat. We needed a tough look for his Game of Thrones T-shirt!

Eli and Paula, it was great meeting you and thank you for trusting me!

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