Senior Inspire Team Pictures in Wooster Ohio

senior girls holding disco balls for new years eve photoshoot

The Class of 2023 Senior Inspire team pictures in Wooster Ohio

My Senior Inspire Team pictures in Wooster Ohio have been a blast this year! This Class of 2023 team has been amazing and we are not DONE yet! They have allowed me to try out some crazy ideas, you will see in a few New Year’s Eve photos that we used a prism and smoke bombs on July 4th photoshoot.

Where do I start with this Senior Inspire Team? My team this year is made up of Grace, Mallory, Vivi, and Abbie, they represent two local high schools. They are amazing girls and I am going to miss them so much!

Why be on a team?

I want girls to apply for my team that want to be a part of something! This is a no-pressure type of team! I don’t go into your DM’s and ask you to be on my team unless we have had some communication prior, then I might say hey, did you think about the team. I am looking for girls who are attracted to my brand and me of course ;).

Normally we do photoshoots on Sundays, which have seemed to be less busy for most girls and if they work they ask for a day off. Sundays are for days off work and family, but my team becomes family so I do love spending some time with them. Sunday is a day that if you are a part of extracurriculars at school that won’t interfere with photoshoots so you don’t have to choose! We only do a photoshoot about every other month. Sometimes I open a photoshoot to whoever is interested and can make it.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of why be on a team your senior year.

1. Friendships

New friends, you get to meet other girls from other schools and bond a friendships outside of your friend group at school, which let’s face it, high school is hard. So having another friend from another school is beneficial.

2. Styled Photoshoots

Styled photoshoots throughout your senior year, say whatttt?? YES, we plan together what photoshoots are your favorite from past teams and we will make those a priority.

In case you don’t know styled photoshoots are they are just that, styled. We plan your outfits and the locations as a team together. As you look at the photos in the blog post you can see the styling. I mean I wouldn’t want all of the girls on the team to show up in red shirts at a July 4th photoshoot, it would be a bit much. You will see what I mean 🙂

Plus you get to have photos throughout your senior year, not just one photo session, which means, you will see yourself change through one of the milestones in your life, your High School Senior Year!

3. Team Events and Volunteer Opportunities

This year, we are going to make it a priority to get together at least one time, for FUN, no photos. Well, maybe some fun behind-the-scenes type of thing. But just to bond as a team. We do meet in the beginning for an icebreaker before we start photos as well.

Volunteering is important to me, so I would like us to find a day we can go volunteer together for a few hours somewhere.

This is meant to be fun times, no pressure, just being inspiring adults.

4. Perks & Exclusives

Holla, the team gets to book the day they want their individual session FIRST before my calendar fills up. The best dates for my team of course!

You get your own blog, the team is the only blog I prioritize to get blogged.

You get fun-themed photoshoots, which I mentioned above. I mean who doesn’t love some cute lil Valentine’s photos?

Photos ALL year long, not just one photoshoot in the Fall of your senior year! All year we will be working together and finish with a cap and gown session.

5. Self LOVE and Inspire others

What, Jamie, self-love?? Why are you mentioning that? Good question my friends!

We live in a world of filters that allow us to alter our images. I want you to learn to love YOURself through the process of working together. We are all created to be different, so let’s grab our differences and love that about ourselves. The world would be boring if we were the same don’t you think?

BUT guess what, I get it. Sometimes we don’t love the way we look in a photo, and that is ok, but don’t hate that about yourself, lets’s change up the pose and create a photo withOUT filters that you love!

Learning to love ourselves allows us to inspire others and that is the beauty of my team that I want us to spread!

Make sure you go all the way to the end of the blog, each girl’s senior session is linked there. A few more of those are coming still. Plus there is a link for more info on the team.

Thinking of joining the team? Applications close Friday. Here is the link for more info here.

If you would like to see the team’s individual sessions, I will link them below.

Abbie’s session is here.

Mallory’s session is here.

Vivi’s session coming soon.

Grace’s session coming soon.


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