Jeff + Alexis Intimate Wayne County Courthouse Wedding-OARDC

Intimate Wayne County Courthouse Wedding,oardc,jamielynettephotography


Intimate Courthouse Wedding followed in the evening with gorgeous photos in the OARDC Rose Gardens, be still my heart!

When I got the referral from a photographer friend asking if I was available June 28, 2017.  That it would be for an Intimate Wayne County Courthouse Wedding and that they had a unique love story, that I wouldn’t want to miss this one.  How could I say no? When Alexis and I talked, she said she was just wanting me to capture their Intimate Wedding at the Wayne County Courthouse.  Alexis knew she wanted an Intimate Courthouse Wedding, followed by a reception lunch at Jakes Steakhouse.  No frills, no big expenses, just family and a few friends.  I had asked her if she would be interested in meeting up with me in the evening to capture some intimate photos at the OARDC.  You will know how happy she made this photographers heart when you see just how gorgeous the OARDC was! The Rose garden was in full bloom!

So let me tell you a little about Jeff & Alexis’s history!

When we recite those sacred vows, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death does us part.  We NEVER want to think of the reality of those words. But for these two they have had to endure the pain of those words.  Jeff + Alexis are both widows, yes, you read that right.  These two had lost their spouses, the ones they thought would never leave them until they were old and gray.  This is a part of the journey they would never expect.

When Jeff & Alexis met online on March 5th, 2016, the gray clouds of their journey parted.  They knew right away, they were right for each other. Both young, both became widows February 24th, 2016.  It didn’t take Jeff long to propose to Alexis, on May 1st, 2017 they got engaged.  They knew they didn’t want to wait long to marry.

I will be honest, I am so thankful my friend was busy and I got to photograph these two.  If I am really honest, I will tell you I had to hide behind my camera.  In the stillness of that quiet room, while Jeff and Alexis both staring into each other’s eyes, no one else existed.  While they tearfully vowed to love each other until death do them part, they both knew the weight of those words.  I caught myself paused, not wanting the click of my camera to break those intimate and tender moments.  Alexis’s eyes so full of love staring at the man, who tearfully looked into her eyes and promised to always love her.

The Secrest Arboretum at The OARDC was just gorgeous!

Don’t you just love that sign by Mandi at Rustic Scraps!

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  1. Nadine Hupp says:

    I know Jeff from work. I know both of their stories but reading it here made me cry,I wish them the absoute best , happiness forever ,these pictures are beautiful


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