Fall Varian Orchard senior session

senior girl standing with lots of fall color behind her

Our hectic schedules were cleared for Tessa’s fall Varian orchard senior session. Makeup and hair by Rachel Gabrielle was set, we were on the schedule at Varian Orchard. But we were all crossing our fingers that the radar was going to clear up but it wasn’t looking promising.

Living in Ohio weather-wise this fall has been quite the challenge. Sessions scheduled months in advance, then watching as it is going to rain a whole day. You watch and hope it doesn’t knock all the color off the trees. October scheduling was absolutely crazy, right along with the rest of 2020 this year!

This particular October day was proving to be just like much of the rest of October, full of rain. The radar looked like it was going to clear up just in time for Tessa’s fall Varian Orchard session. We decided we were going to give it a go. It might be a little dreary, probably a little wet, but if we wanted color, we were going to go for it.

It was simply perfect! The fall color at Varian Orchard was amazing and did not disappoint! I am so glad we decided to go for it. This fall Varian Orchard senior session was perfect and Tessa nailed it with her outfits!

Oh and we stopped at the playground for some fun senior photos and her Mom Deanna snapped a few on my camera! We had a blast! If you recognize this sweet girl, stop by to check out more of her photos from the Senior Inspire Team!

Tessa-Class of 2021

Tessa attends East Canton High School.

This sweet girl is an only child.

Varsity Volleyball (captain 2 years), Travel Volleyball 5 years, defensive specialist and outside hitter.

Track and Bowling all four years of high school.

Tessa has been active in National Honor Society for two years.

She did Cheer for one year.

Concert band, tenor sax for one year.

Student council for two years.

She has been a student mentor for one year.

She enjoys going to different Zoo’s with her family and watching crime shows.

Favorite season is: Fall

Color: Purple

Her favorite way to relax is listening to music and cuddling with her dog.

Volunteering work: “We try to volunteer with United Way at least once a year and serve hot meals every Christmas. Other than that I serve my community through NHS.”

Hobby: Volleyball and listening to music.

Tessa’s favorite things in life: “I absolutely love Colorado. Volleyball is my all time favorite activity because I love the sport and the people I’ve met playing. I love to learn, the more random things I know the better, and solve tricky problems. The mountains in Colorado are the best things I’ve ever seen and I’ll hopefully be going to college there.”

Shopping: “I love American eagle, buckle, and hot topic but I also know how to stretch a dollar and shop at Gabe’s and Plato’s closet.” (Good job Mom on teaching this girl how to stretch that money.)

Restaurants: Texas Roadhouse, Bubbas 33, Carrabba‘s.

T.V. Show: Blacklist

Movie: Shooter

Favorite Foods: Brownies, Fettuccine Alfredo, Japanese.

Tessa holds down a job at my favorite coffee place! Dunkin Donuts.

After school Tessa is wanting to go to the University of Colorado or Purdue to be an astronautical engineer.


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