Senior Photos in Orrville, Ohio

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Abbie’s Senior Photos in Orrville, Ohio

Abbie from my Senior Inspire Team had her individual senior photos in Orrville, Ohio and I must say they turned out perfect! Also upfront, I am telling you, that you must read this entirely to learn about Abbie and how we met, it’s a funny story! Well, at least I think so.

When planning a senior session, we start with a questionnaire before we have our location/clothing consult. A few reasons for this are so that you get the photos you have been dreaming about, I get a vibe for where you might want to head for your session, and then we can match outfits to specific locations.

Abbie wanted to have her photos done in the city of Wooster, but after pointing out a few spots that I had never used before in Orrville, she was happy with using somewhere new. Plus we were planning to head to the OARDC too to get some “nature” shots in too. Getting to photograph somewhere new is exciting for me and I loved getting to photograph Abbie’s senior photos in Orrville, Ohio.

Downtown Orrville did not disappoint and of course, from the rich tones of brick walls to a glass storefront, little alleys with interesting backdrops, and the overpass bridge all provided a plethora of places to use.

A little backstory on how I met Abbie

I can NOT share about Abbie without sharing how she became a JLP client!

ok…ok…we all have the days where if we are going out in public we make sure we look presentable, right?? Especially if we are in the public eye…ahem, me being on several social media platforms, I should know better, right?

Well, on a random weekday, my hubby and I were immersed in one of my many, many endless projects that included paint. I like most days, was sharing along on my Instagram so that I could show my silly personality. It was getting late, and we wanted to finish our project but we were hungry and needed a break. So over to Orrville Dairy Queen, we went. The drive-thru line was super long so my hubby pulled into a spot, I was like what are you doing, well he didn’t want to wait in line. I was like I can’t go in, look at me, painting clothes, paint in my hair, paint splattered on my glasses. He was like who cares, it’s not like we are going to see someone we know.

Wrong answer… let’s fast forward to us standing at the counter, deciding what we want, the girl (Abbie) asked hey aren’t you that Jamie Lynn or something photography girl…all I could do is laugh, I wanted to say no…but…I owned it even tho I didn’t want to! I replied, I sure am lol! Please don’t mind me, I have been busy remodeling stuff today. But of course, she knew already, she had seen my stories on Instagram! Abbie was a freshman at this time, so she waited four years to book me and joined my Senior Inspire Team!

Now it’s time to know all the things about Abbie

Abbie is the oldest of three siblings.

She loves fall.

Her favorite color is Red.

Painting is her favorite hobby.

She cheers for Football, Basketball, and Competition Cheerleading.

In track and field, she runs sprints and long jumps. She’s been involved in these activities since middle school along with indoor track, she started my freshman year

Abbie’s favorite foods are pickles, pasta, and chocolate.

Ways to relax are by doing face masks/skin care, painting, and hanging out with her little sister. She’s her best friend.

Favorite thing to do with the family? “My favorite thing to do with my family is to go swimming. We have a big boat we take to Lake Erie that we tie a tube to the back of and we compete to see who can stay on the longest.”

Volunteer work? “Yes, I volunteer for the Salvation Army and at my high school.”

Movie: Any scary movie

What are your favorite things in life? “Being outdoors, whether it’s at the beach or hiking. My friends and I started going to the gym over the summer and that was super fun! Also, thrifting is SO fun!”

T.V. Show: Stranger Things

Where do you love to shop?? “I love Altar’d State, Old Navy, American Eagle, Hollister, Shein (online), The Shoe Department, Bath and Body Works.”

Favorite restaurants are PF Changs, Ming Hing, Applebee’s, and BW3’s.

She works in healthcare at a facility in Orrville as an STNA.

As far as college plans Abbie is planning on attending Akron Wayne College for her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing to become a pediatric intense critical care nurse.

Her favorite Bible Verse is 1 Corinthians 13:4, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

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