Jeremiah’s Senior Photos in Canton, Ohio

senior guy photos in canton ohio

When the leaves change in the Midwest, there is a nostalgic, magical note in the air. It was the perfect setting for Jeremiah’s senior photos in Canton, Ohio.

We met up at the McKinley Monument and Canton Garden Center. At first, I thought the light sprinkle of rain would have put a damper (no pun intended! Ha ha) on the day, but it made for some fantastic photo ops. You know I was frantically watching the radar and if you live in Ohio, you know how unpredictable it can be! But Jeremiah seemed to be in his element; he admittedly loves to be outdoors, especially in nature.

Planning senior sessions over Zoom has to be a favorite of mine, is just one step in the process of getting photos that are unique to each senior. Jeremiah wanted to go places that he enjoys hanging out. So that’s what we did and Jeremiah’s senior photos in Canton, Ohio turned out just perfect! He also likes scary movies and wanted to incorporate his favorite scary movie hoody, his request was something a little uh…. not so “nice” for that part of his session. I had been plenty of times to the area he wanted to go and I knew there was a rusty gate looking thing so I knew that would be perfect. So that’s what we did and Jeremiah’s senior photos in Canton, Ohio turned out just perfect!

I LOVE it when a senior GUY gets involved to make his session just the way he wants it!

It was such a joy to see how proud Jeremiah’s mom was during the session. Oh, how time flies by… and now here he is, graduating senior year from McKinley High School!

I always like to learn more about the seniors I’m working with, so I have them fill out a questionnaire. Reading Jeremiah’s responses made me smile. Read below to find out more about this great young man!

All About Jeremiah

  • He’s the youngest of 7 kids. Yes, 7!
  • During high school, he was active in weight training, boxing, physical fitness and swimming.
  • In his free time, he chooses to spend time in nature, cook, play basketball with friends, and volunteer.
  • You probably won’t spot Jeremiah at a shopping center, but you could run into him at Steak and Shake, Chick-fil-A, or Bubba’s 33.
  • Favorite Movie: Grown Ups
  • TV Show: anything Marvel or DC Universe
  • He has a two year education in welding. He’d like to get more training and become an underwater welder.
  • Ways to relax: meditation, sauna, essential oils
  • With family, Jeremiah likes to watch movies, enjoy meals together, and go on vacays (especially ones that involve mountains and oceans).
  • The season he enjoys the most is Summer
  • Favorite color: red, but also neutral, earthy colors
  • Foods of choice: hamburgers, steak, honey, fruits & veggies. As a treat, Skittles or 3 Musketeers.
  • What he’s listening to these days: 90’s rap & current rap
  • His go-to bible verse: Proverbs 9:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; and the knowledge of the holy is understanding”.

Spending the afternoon with Jeremiah and his mom, I realized a few things about this young graduate. He’s hardworking, ambitious, and down-to-earth. His love for learning will help him achieve his dreams. Best wishes, Jeremiah! Rhonda and Jeremiah were a blast to get to know! So thankful I met them.

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