Senior Session at the Speedway

high school senior playing drums

Buddy chose to have his senior session at the Wayne County Speedway and it was so much fun! Senior photos where you “work” if that is what you want to call it, but you love it, is never a something to second guess in my book.

Let’s go back a little bit. I have had the pleasure to watch this guy grow up over the past 12 years at church. Most importantly, I was thrilled a few years ago when his Mama grabbed me to tell me to be ready to do Buddy’s senior photos. Ummm, well yes!!!

We had such a great time planning the session to fit Buddy and his interests. This senior session at The Wayne County Speedway was followed by going to a unique location I have access to with his drums to get a different look with his drums. Also, Buddy’s Mom had a vision of using smoke bombs, we improvised a little, but it turned out perfect!

All about Buddy

Buddy is the youngest child of two.

This guy has been playing drums since the 3rd grade.

He plays percussion in the marching band at Triway High School and in a worship band at Connection Church.

Favorite Restaurants: Taco Bell is the current favorite. Chick-fil-A when he can.

Buddy has loved cars all his life. On weekends he is an announcer at Wayne County Speedway. This past summer he was able to get a taste of his profession at Buckeye Container where his Dad worked.

Favorite things to do with his family: “We call them mission ridiculousness. We’ve gone on all-day adventures to locate a new flavor of Oreos. We’ve spent hours on a search for an ice cream machine for my mom. At Christmas, my Mom and I always enjoyed finding the best gift for my Dad. She let me drive to BELDEN Village at Christmas right after I got my temps. We still tell stories about that one!”

Favorite Season: Summer when the car shows and races are happening.

Favorite Color: Neon Green

His favorite ways to relax: Watching episodes of Top Gear or finding new sports to enjoy.
Recently, he has become a Columbus Crew fan and likes to watch soccer and enjoys watching Hockey when it’s cold.

He volunteers at Viola Startzman Clinic when needed for various projects. He has been volunteering for 3 years.

Hobbies: Watching Soccer, Hockey, Racing. Visiting new tracks and hanging out with friends and playing drums.

T.V Show: Top Gear

Movie: Days of Thunder and Card

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing and pray about everything.

Fav foods: Chicken Quesadilla, chicken Alfredo, peanut butter Oreos.

Jobs: I work at Wayne County Speedway and interned at Buckeye Container.

Plans after school, “Still trying to decide if I want to do broadcasting or graphic design.
I’m going to visit some colleges and see what my options are.”

Finally, scroll all the way to the end for two little surprise photos at the end!

Senior Session photos at the Speedway

A little sneak peek at Buddy as a little tyke and a behind-the-scenes for you!

Sweet Little Buddy as a little tyke!

A little behind the scenes for ya!

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  1. BethAnne says:

    Awe… we had so much fun!!!
    Thank you for everything 🥰


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